Family Word Snacks: Eunoia & Bliss


“Parents can plant magic in a child’s mind through certain words spoken with some thrilling quality of voice, some uplift of the heart and spirit.” -Robert MacNeil, Wordstruck


eunoia: [YOO-noy-uh] (n) (Greek in origin) beautiful thinking, a well mind.

FUN FACT: Eunoia is the shortest word in the English language containing the vowels a-e-i-o-u. Pretty cool!

in a sentence: How to achieve a sustainable state of eunoia while sober, mentally sound, and not secluded to a monastery in the mountains is a secret humans have been chasing for a very long time. (Don’t give up.)


bliss: 1. (n) perfect happiness, great joy. 2. (v) to reach a state of perfect happiness, usually while oblivious to everything else

in a sentence: Kids may THINK loud, shiny toys bring perfect happiness, but given a choice, they find a simple box to be pure bliss!

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-Elle C.

image: PVignau, Creative Commons

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