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Meet Tuned In Parent Anitha Robinson! She’s the author of “Broken Worlds” — an award-winning young adult novel. Anitha was the shy girl growing up, jotting in journals, penning poems, and being anything but timid in her world of writing . . . until she had to pick a major. Faced with safety and security or creativity and the unknown, she chose to become a chartered accountant.

A husband, two kids, two horses, three dogs, a cat, and a book deal later, Anitha has no regrets about her decision. Her accounting practice accommodates her working mom lifestyle, allowing her to spend time with the kids and invest in her writing a couple of hours a day — well, most days; she, like any work- or stay-at-home parent, is still a 24/7 mom, after all.

“Broken Worlds took many years to finish writing. I had a hard time juggling being a mom, work, taking care of our brood of animals and making time to write.” – Anitha Robinson

Fortunately, Anitha never let life (nor accounting) distract her from her dream. To the contrary, she infused her writing with her life, creating children’s stories for her kids and turning a frightening nightmare into the book that would launch her literary career. That’s right! “Broken Worlds” was inspired by a jarring bad dream. She wrote it down, and kept writing.


Anitha pushed pen to paper until perseverance met happy coincidence. Intending to submit her manuscript to CBAY Books, she accidentally entered it in their Yummy but Brainy writing contest. All those years of writing paid off because she won with 85% of the votes!

Now she’s a published author enjoying the experience of sharing her debut novel with you and the world. Her book launch event is this Saturday (June 28th) in Scarborough, ON at 1pm at the Kennedy Commons Chapters. And, between being a mommy and accountant, she’s managed to write the sequel — putting the finishing touches on it now! How cool is that?

“Life doesn’t always have to be a choice between following your passion and taking the safe route. If you’re lucky, life can be both.” -Anitha Robinson, dreamer, mother, accountant, author

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-Elle C.

portrait by Alexis Lagos of Laced up Imagery

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Elle C. Mayberry is a mom and author, who just released a new children's book with her young daughter. With a passion for parenting and degrees in psychology and "make it workology," she created Tuned In Parents (TiP).

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