Meet Tuned In Parent Maude Stephany!

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Meet Tuned In Parent Maude Stephany! A nurturing parent and an inquisitive big kid at heart, mompreneur Maude is the creator of And she is positively passionate about bees and educating and inspiring people about our vital and vivacious buzzing friends. After all, without bees, where would we be?

Fun Bee Fact: “Bees are a ‘key species’ . . . one of every three bites of our food is made possible because a bee pollinated it.” -The Bee Mama Blog

As much as she loves her bees, Maude is also crazy about kids, education, community and bringing them all together through her curriculum-based science program for kids, BumbleAcademy, and RSS feed, HiveMind. This mama is seriously bee-happy and happy to be The Bee Mama. And so are we; with the current environmental trend, the bees need more mommies!

But she wasn’t always a champion of bees. Like many of us, Maude didn’t find her calling right away. The Bee Mama started off as a ghostwriter. And though she was published internationally in children’s and parenting magazines, she wasn’t as fulfilled as she had hoped. She had, however, discovered a growing respect and admiration for bees. And she did something about it. Maude figured out a way to merge her writing skills and deepening fascination and knowledge of bees and turn it into a passionate entrepreneurial endeavor.


Raising kids and raising bees while running your own company can’t be easy peasy lemon squeezy. Despite the happy hum of honey-making pollinators, Maude has her moments of doubt, questioning herself and career choices — moments with which we’re all familiar. Luckily, she has supportive kids who remember what she taught them: to be themselves, not what others think they should be. Thus, whenever she’s feeling down, her 12-year-old daughter reminds her of one of their favorite quotes by Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.”

Maude says, “I’m The Bee Mama. I speak for the bees.” And she has definitely earned the moniker. During a mason bee (her favorite type) emergency where half of them were dying off due to mold and hatching in all the wrong places, she and her family rushed to the rescue. Her body covered in buzzing bees, she carefully relocated the little survivors to their proper home with her kids’ help. Observing her with the bees, the children remarked, “You are such a mom . . . you’re even a Bee Mama.” The name stuck.

“Every morning, I wake with the vision to create a world where people, plants and pollinators can live in harmony. I try my best to do that for myself and my family. I try to share what I have learned with others, because they also see the challenges that we as humans will have to face if there are no pollinators left.” ~Maude Stephany


NEW: BumbleAcademy for Kids!

The Bee Mama has created a new science program for grades K-9 called BumbleAcademy. And the kids will buzz with excitement over it! BumbleAcademy’s fun, curriculum-based lessons, activities, and experiments are ideal for the classroom, home school, and youth groups. Learn more about it and the wonderful, indispensable world of bees at!

Thank you for being tuned in parents! I welcome your comments, suggestions, tips, and participation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If Maude’s story has made you even a little bit “bee-curious,” please share and spread awareness; for we needs the bees!

-Elle C.

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Elle C. Mayberry is a mom and author, who just released a new children's book with her young daughter. With a passion for parenting and degrees in psychology and "make it workology," she created Tuned In Parents (TiP).

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